Cheers & Praise for BECAUSE OF EVA

"Every once in a while, a book emerges that is the story of one family and Every Family, a book that is written with artistry and the talents of a gifted storyteller, a book that is truly a reflection of the unfolding of Jewish experience." - Arthur Kurzweil, renown genealogist and author of From Generation to Generation.

"Gordon frames her work in the form of tales, looking for, discovering, and retelling stories, historical events, and personal experiences of the past.... She tells tales of change, trauma, horror, and fulfillment which have determined the world of three generations of her Jewish family." -- Zsuzsanna Ozsvath, Leah and Paul Lewis Chair of Holocaust Studies, University of Texas, Dallas.

"In BECAUSE OF EVA, Gordon offers an insightful look at the lifelong implications divorce thrusts upon children. It is a thoughtful and compelling look at how divorce shapes identity and creates a prism through which one's life experiences are viewed." -- Brette Sember, author of How to Parent with your Ex.

"With useful descriptions that are both interesting and instructive, Gordon captures the rollercoaster process of uncertainty and discovery that all researchers encounter. Even after 40 years of doing research, I learned from her experience." -- Renee Stern Steinig, genealogist and past president of Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island NY.

"BECAUSE OF EVA is an unflinching, honest and brave memoir, a woman's journey to come to terms with her family's shattered history." -- Amy Hill Hearth, author of In a World Gone Mad.